Nikah Siam

Many people prefer a marriage  nikah di siam, but now days during the MCO we change the place to Narathiwat.

Nikah di Siam has been popular for many Malaysians who would like to choose their first partner

or those who would like to get married for a second or third time without breaking the law.
By legalizing the marriage in Thailand,

you will be able to ensure that you have a validity of your marriage even in Malaysia.

As a nikah di Siam agency that has helped many people solemnize their marriage and legalize it to comply with Thai law,

we have the experience and expertise to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly.

When you first contact us for a marriage request, we will assist you by providing you information regarding the procedure.

So far, no money is involved. Our consultation is free of cost.

This helps you prepare for the wedding and put together the necessary documents required to register the marriage in Thailand.

Once you have planned the date and time of nikah siam with your partner,

you can call us to inform of the time and location for the wedding.

We will make necessary arrangements which will also include the Islamic Council who would solemnize the marriage after officially border will open.

The process of marriage is a very simple and short one. It is typically completed within a few hours.

But the planning and arrangements take long.

This is the reason why we advise our clients to plan a wedding at least a month in advance.

With enough time at hand, we are able to make necessary arrangements without rushing .

In some cases, the parents  may not agree to the nikah Siam.

But the law allows you to proceed with the marriage legally with the help of a state-provided guardian.

Marriage registration and solemnization requires at least two witnesses from each side to be present to witness the marriage and complete the Nikah siam process.

We make sure that your Nikah di Songkhla is just like you would have expected it to be.

Our team helps you through all the processes of completing the Nikah siam so that you can enjoy a happily married life.


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2 thoughts on “Nikah Siam”

  1. I’m a male Singaporean. Already jatuh talak 2 but the Syariah Court Si gapore so long.
    But can I get nikah to a female Singaporean through nikah di Thailand? Shes already divorced 5 years ago. I don’t want to make dosa. I want to nikah halal way.
    Any details?
    Pls reply. Thank you

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